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Eco Soapr​!

​Soap Makers Partner With

Eco Soapr​!

​Are you looking for a way to increase your sales and reach new customers that will keep coming back week after week? All of it without spending an arm and a leg on promotions and discounts?

​Scroll down to read how, or click the button below to become a Eco Soapr Partner!

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​What Is Eco Soapr

​Eco Soapr is an elegant and sophisticated touchless appliance that is designed to increase use of bar soaps. It shaves perfect flakes of soap from your soap bar and dispenses them into the palm of your customer’s hands.

​What's In It For You?

  • ​We don’t make the soaps for Eco Soapr and we aren’t interested in doing so.

  • We do however, want to provide our customers with a complete buying experience.

  • Our revolutionary product will spark a HUGE demand for traditional bar soap, directly benefiting our partners.

    ​We are actively building our client base and partnerships with ​select soap makers, so now is the time to partner with us ​and grow with us! And the best part is:

  • ​​We aren’t looking for commission or referral fees and we do not have any partner costs.

  • ​We truly believe this revolutionary device will change the industry and give bar soap LIFE.

​Next Steps to Partner With

​Are we a good match? Will working with us benefit your brand and make your customers happy? Let's find out!

​Use the contact form below so that we can arrange to test a sample of your soap with Eco Soapr. Hint: hard bars do best. ​​No time to send a sample now? That's fine, we can still work together. Help us spread the word about Eco Soapr to your base and we will distribute your marketing materials, samples and coupons to our own followers. Let's get started!

​Become a Soap Making Partner With Eco Soapr!

We took the best of the "old" features and added modern upgrades!

  • ​Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • ​Infra red proximity sensor
  • ​Quiet, electrical motor
  • ​Durable housing materials
  • ​An LED light that indicates when it's time for a new bar
  • ​Counter-top or convenient wall placement
  • ​The ability to accept the majority of ​popular soap bar sizes