Introducing the Future of Clean -
Eco Soapr

Introducing the Future of Clean -
Eco Soapr!

Turn Your Bar Soap into Dispenser Soap in 3 Easy Steps. Eco Soapr is the new Eco-friendly solution to the messy business of getting clean!

FAR Botanicals' Silicone-Free Verde Oil Supreme (VOS) is handcrafted from the finest natural and sustainable ingredients to encourage healthy hair. Available scented or fragrance-free, VOS is designed to be the best oil for dry hair.
Treat your tresses to the best hair oil for dry hair - Verde Oil Supreme. Handcrafted in artisan batches from the finest natural ingredients, VOS is designed to be light and powerful to give your hair immediate silky, soft results.

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Save money. Save the planet. Eliminate bar soap mess! 

Eco Soapr has been developed to help everyone decrease their carbon footprint by kicking the habit of liquid hand soap and body washes.

Washing hands efficiently and thoroughly is even more important now, and the time of CoronaVirus pandemic.

Use The Eco Soapr in 3 Easy Steps:

Pre-wet your hands.

Dispense soap flakes.

Lather up.

Liquid Soap: Convenient but Costly

Bar soap had been a staple in human hygiene for literally thousands of years until the 1980s when a new product called "SoftSoap" came to the market. 

By using a pumpable soap dispenser, the new liquid soap brand promised convenience and freedom from the mess that bar soap tends to leave in soap dishes.

Unfortunately, we now see that the supposed convenience of liquid soap and other products sold in plastic bottles comes at a hefty price to the environment. Plastic pollution in the ocean and in landfills is estimated to take 500-1000 years to break down, with plastic in the ocean forming islands the size of small countries.

The majority of liquid bath and body care items are highly diluted, which means we are burning fossil fuel in order to ship mostly water. When comparing the cost-per-use of liquid soap to bar soap, washing up with a soap bar costs mere cents, while liquid soap costs 10x as much.

4 Ways Bar Soap Beats Liquid Soap:

Minimal Packaging

Minimal Packaging

No plastic bottles or extravagant packaging to fill a land field or end up in the ocean.

Lasts Longer

Lasts Longer

It takes less soap to get clean when using a bar versus using liquid soap.

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Costs Less to Use

Cost Effective

Per use, bar soap cost 10x less than liquid soap.

Concentrated Product

Concentrated Product

You get more for your money since you're not paying for a bottle of water.

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Bar Soap: Eco-Friendly but Still has Drawbacks

  • Leaves a slimy mess in the soap dish
  • A noticeable portion of a bar is lost to soap dish slime
  • Bars are thrown away when they become too small to handle
  • Used bars are perceived as "germy" even though this isn't true


Eco Soapr is a touchless personal appliance that shaves perfect flakes of soap from your favorite soap bar and dispenses them into the palm of your hand. Never waste another sliver of soap or dread your favorite bar disintegrating into an unappealing pile of mush.

"Eco Soapr fits very well with the image we want to project."

"I run an Eco friendly vacation rental business in the Pocono Mountains and Eco Soapr would be a great feature in our bathrooms and near the kitchen sinks for the customers to get into the spirit of the surroundings. Somehow my property is popular with the Japanese vacationers who are very particular about what they use and touch. I am confident that the device will be a huge hit with them and am looking forward to supporting the Kickstarter campaign."

Igor Ch.
- Owner/Operator

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A 1940s Concept Given New Life

While on a family holiday to see the fjords of Sweden, Yakov and Jane, the husband and wife duo behind Eco Soapr, stayed in a rustic cottage. There, in one of the bathrooms, they happened across a mechanical bar soap flake dispenser. It was called the Soap Master that was made in a small town north of New York City in the 1940s.

While the unit was incredibly outdated, the potential for the concept was obvious. In particular, the two founders saw what a great idea it was for the contemporary movement toward eco-friendly products and how well it matched the environmentally friendly culture of the beautiful, but fragile Nordic environment where they discovered it.

They watched how delighted their children where with the soap dispenser and the mechanics behind it and they were convinced that such a device would be appreciated by many more families across the globe.

As soon as they arrived back home, they went straight to work to improve and modernize the basic idea of a hands-free automated delivery of soap flakes. Collaborating closely with an outstanding team of engineers from San Francisco, after about two years of development, Eco Soapr was born.

Silicone-Free Verde Oil Supreme is more than a simple hair oil. Convert your VOS into a decadent perfume oil by selecting artisan fragrances compounded from coveted materials like Rose, Lavender, Amber, Cocoa, Vanilla and Jasmine.
Verde Oil is more than a simple hair oil. Select from 8 handcrafted fragrances compounded from ingredients like Rose, Cocoa, Vanilla and Jasmine to convert VOS into a luxuriant perfume oil.
Treat your tresses to the best hair oil for dry hair - Verde Oil Supreme. Handcrafted in artisan batches from the finest natural ingredients, VOS is designed to be light and powerful to give your hair immediate silky, soft results.

Enhanced by Modern Materials and Engineering

The founders of Eco Soapr are fortunate to have the opportunity to bring a 90-year-old concept that was ahead of its time, to a contemporary eco-conscious market eagerly seeking ways to lighten humanity's footprint upon the earth. 

We took the best of the "old" features and added modern upgrades!

  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Infra red proximity sensor
  • Quiet, electrical motor
  • Durable housing materials
  • An LED light that indicates when it's time for a new bar
  • Counter-top or convenient wall placement
  • The ability to accept the majority of popular soap bar sizes

We took the best of the "old" features and added modern upgrades!

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Infrared proximity sensor
  • Quiet, electrical motor
  • Durable housing materials
  • An LED light that indicates when it's time for a new bar
  • Countertop or convenient wall placement
  • Accept the majority of popular soap bar sizes

More Feedback From Early Testers:

"It is all about experience and discovery."

"My cafe is called Honey Bakery and serves food inspired by cuisines from Central Asia. We want our guests to discover--new food, new friends, new experiences.  When I tried Eco Soapr the first time it was a a true discovery.  Discovery of new sensation, different point of view of the world and even health. I'm eager to see the final product in my  bathrooms and am confident that my customers will talk about it long after they've left the cafe."

Arceni S.
- Owner/Chief

"The device I tested performed very well."

"I view environmental benefits and the improved economy as an icing on a cake.  The important questions for me were about the basics. I believe Eco Soapr passed my tests:

I was able to use my own soap bar, the flakes were nice and small, and it generated a bunch of them quickly.  There are small tricks that were not evident before I tried Eco Soapr.  For example, I had to wet my hands before using Soapr to keep the flakes stuck to my hands and not to be washed away by the stream of water. Different from what you do if you use a liquid soap, but not much different from using conventional bars."

Rob S.

- Owner B&B

Poconos, Pa

Frequently Asked Questions


We tested literally dozens of different bar soaps. As one might expect, some of them performed better than the others. The reason is ingredients. Some of the artisan soaps that are made with exotic ingredients like olive oil, are very soft and would not perform as well as harder soap bars. The best way to know if your favorite barof soap works well is to check our list of tested soaps or just send us an email with the brand name and other relevant information to
We'd love to hear from you! You can send your suggestion to
The standard size bar that fits the Eco Soapr is 2" x 1" x 3.5". If the bar you want to use is bigger, you can cut it to size with a knife. We are planning to supply a special cutter to trim big bars to a size that best fits the device.
It's best to charge the battery overnight and unplugged the cord.
It depends on how often the device gets used. Our calculations project about 8 weeks of average use on one charge.
We're working diligently to get everything ready for the big launch! Make sure to join our mailing list so you can receive notification when our campaign goes live.

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About the Company

We are located just north of New York City. Our management team has experience in operations, investment, design, and manufacturing. We also are keenly interested in hearing from our customers, soap manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Please contact us at